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Principal Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma


Ayurved recognizes the presence of three basic constituents which govern and represent the varied mechanisms at the micro and macro levels in the body. These are Doshas, Dhatus & Malas. Maintenance of the equilibrium (Samyoga) of these three is an unavoidable functioning of a living being for its healthy existence and survival. Keeping this law of nature in view, a healthy person is defined thus in Ayurveda :


“Samdosha Samagnicha Samdhatu Mal Kriyah

Prsannatmendriya Manah Swastha Ityabhidheeyate”

This responsibility of the individual is two fold in nature, first to ensure maintenance of equilibrium for the management of the health, and second to endeavor for restoration of the same by proper treatment of the disease.

Ayurveda advocates two kinds measure which represents the end phase of all the treatment processes, namely Samshodhana (Evacuatory or Eliminatory) and Samshamna (Pacificatory) of which former is given the first place. In both the measures Panchkarma (five procedures) primarily represents Samshodhana part. In addition, the importance of  Samshodhana as an essential preconditioning measure in Rasayana and Vajikarna Chikitsa cannot be ignored.

The term Panchkarma represents five measures Vamana, Virechana, Niruhan, Anuvasan and Nasya. From a practical point of view three types of measures are there with respect to Panchkarma treatment. They are Purva karma, Pradhana Karma and Paschat karma. While the Vamana etc. constitute the Pradhana Karma, Purva Karma covers Snehan and Swedan. The Paschat Karma covers general measures instituted after Pradhana Karma and is broadly represented by Samsarjan Krama and Shaman prayoga.

There is a great scope and necessity to bring out more works on Panchkarma with emphasis to cater the needs of students in gaining an easy and more firm grasp on this very important subject of Ayurveda for Practicals and to apply this knowledge to clinical field respectively.

(Dr. Rajkumar Sharma )

Dayanand Ayurvedic College

Principal Dr Rajkumar Sharma is recognized as one of the Visionary of Ayurveda in India and abroad.