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In Ayurveda healing systemVata,Pitta, and Kapha (Tridosha) are considered as fundamental constitutional factors of body. These are found in different proportions in our body and depending upon their levels they produce specific basic personalities each of which having its own mental and physical traits or characters.
It is developed at the time of conception and is based on characters of parents which they have further inherited from their parents .Of course new traits do develop because of effect of intrauterine or environmental (somatic) factors on our mind and body. Modern medical science terms it Genetics.
Information about ones body nature is useful for a person to adopt life style andselection of food that will keep him healthy and avoid some of the diseases for which a person is liable. This information is equally useful to an Ayurvedic physician for better management of diseases of his patients.
A comprehensive table has been prepared to help a person find out his/her own body nature .While clicking this table do not get tempted to fill personality of your own liking ,but be honest so as to get correct information , one can take help of family member for better evaluation of ones body nature. After evaluation one can contact an Ayurvedic physician who will suggest or modify your life style, food and prescribe medicine, so as to manage any illness or to avoid if it is likely to happen

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